Sacred Threads Spiritual Living Circles

You're Invited Every Friday @ 5:30pm 

Where We Meet: Unity of Toledo 3535 Executive Parkway, Toledo, OH (map)

Each week we will be highlighting articles from the Science of Mind magazine published by Centers for Spiritual Living. Each month has a theme, and each week specific articles will be selected. If you are a regular reader of the magazine you can sign up as a participant of our Circle. Signing up online will give you a FREE 60 day online subscription to the magazine. You don’t need to have read the article to participate in our discussion, but it might help. 

​We welcome people with diverse interests, as well as diverse religious or spiritual experience. Deists, Non-Deists, and Atheists are all welcome as long as you come with an open and inquisitive mind, respectful of others’ right to voice their opinions and ideas. Preaching, evangelizing, or attempts at conversion will not be tolerated during the discussions. What you do to promote your particular ideas outside our Circle is your business. Inside our Circle everyone is welcome as long as they are welcoming to everyone.

Light refreshments will be served. Love offerings graciously accepted.

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Spiritual Living Study Group
The Sacred Threads Spiritual Living Study Group is an open, inclusive, and affirming group with the purpose of introducing and sharing the Science of Mind teachings to people who are ready to take charge of their lives and explore practical spiritual tools to live a fully integrated and joyful life.

Affiliated Study Group

Sacred Threads Spiritual Living Study Group